30 minutes | Aug 10, 2017

4: Using Facebook Pages To Attract Customers And Promote Your Business!

On this podcast, Charles talks about using your Facebook page to promote your business and attract new customers.   Charles talks about the 3 specific aspects of promoting your business with Facebook pages.   He shares about building your Facebook page and your audience.   Plus, he reveals why engagement is crucial to having a successful Facebook page.   The third critical component of a successful Facebook ad is amplifying your content to reach your audience.   Charles shares the 5 types of segmentation to target your ads to your ideal audience.   He talks about 14 different types of Facebook ads that you can use to promote your business.   He reveals how to combine Custom Audiences with Conversion Ads.   Finally, Charles talks about the 5 specific steps to nurture relationships With Facebook Business Pages both online and offline. Join us for this episode. 
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