17 minutes | Jul 11, 2017

2: What Does It Take To Create A Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign?

In this episode on the podcast, Charles talks about the 5 components every Facebook marketing campaign needs to be successful! In March of 2016, Facebook released data that said over 3,000,000 businesses are advertising on Facebook. This is up 50% from 2015. Plus over 70% of the business advertising on Facebook are outside of the United States. With SouthEast Asia seeing the most growth. The majority of businesses advertising on Facebook are just boosting posts? Then compare that to only 6% of the people that have Facebook pages are using Facebook's ad platform to promote their businesses. So what does it take to create a successful Facebook Ad Campaign? In this podcast, Charles, Breaks Down The 5 components of Every Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign. 1) Who is your audience? Who are you targeting? First you need to think about your audience? This can be upto 40% of your marketing campaign. What is the objective of your ad? What are you trying to get who your end user to do? Does the audience know you or is the audience unfamiliar with you? 2) -Offer - (40%) What are you trying to get the audience to do? How Valuable is a Customer To Your Business? Suspects -people that you think are interested in a product. Prospects- people that raise their hands and say that they are interested in a product First Time Customers - people that purchase from you for the first time. Multiple Purchase Customers - people that have purchased from you multiple times. Loyal Customer - people that purchase from you on a regular basis. Advocates - people that purchase from you on a regular basis are less sensitive price, often 3) - Creative (20% of the success of the campaign) - involves the graphics, colors, copy and the text. 4) - System - the systems that you have in place often determine whether a Facebook Ad campaign is profitable and successful or not 5) -Measuring Response Rates - measuring how well an ad is performing is crucial to the overall success of the campaign. Facebook's reporting on the ad is crucial.
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