33 minutes | May 8th 2017

154: How to Start a Side Hustle | Alissa Daire Nelson

Alissa is a Certified Strengths Strategy coach who loves working with married business partners. Her clients achieve their business goals while enriching their relationships through understanding, embracing, and applying each person’s unique strengths. She’s also the author of What Competition? Setting Yourself Apart so that Your Competition is Irrelevant.

In this episode, Alissa Daire Nelson and I discuss:

  • Her journey started from the side-hustle
  • Biggest lessons from she learned from direct sales
  • Her 5 strengths
  • The story of getting her first client ever
  • The 1-1 consulting process
  • How she aqquires clients today
  • Her morning routine
  • Habits
  • Last piece of advice

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:



Alissas's Book

The Mastery Journal