16 minutes | Aug 30, 2021

EC 75 : FEM Founder Kristin Marquet

[00:01:30] VIRGINIA: So what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?[00:02:33] VIRGINIA: That's awesome. Well, who's your client audience? Like who would be your ideal people?[00:03:09] VIRGINIA: What are some common mistakes that you see them making?[00:04:16] VIRGINIA: What do you guys do to get in front of your ideal client?[00:05:53] VIRGINIA: So do you mean TV? Does that include YouTube or is YouTube kind of like a separate area?[00:06:30] VIRGINIA: So what are a couple of big goals that you have for your company in the next year or two?[00:07:16] VIRGINIA: Do you feel like you have any roadblocks that are stopping you from kind of getting where you want to go?[00:08:34] VIRGINIA: So do you have any advice on getting influencers to endorse us like our products or services or anything like that?[00:09:12] VIRGINIA: Do you have any tips on how we can generate more media coverage about hiring like a PR firm?[00:10:25] VIRGINIA: So what's the best advice you have ever received?[00:12:53] VIRGINIA: Is there anything that you would like to share with us that I haven't asked?Kristin Marquetfemfounder.comarquet.companyInstagram.com/femfounderTwitter.com/kristinmarquet Virginia Purnellhttp://facebook.com/distinctdmhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/virginiapurnell/ Virginia PurnellFunnel & Visibility SpecialistDistinct Digital Marketing(833) 762-5336virginia@distinctdigitalmarketing.comwww.distinctdigitalmarketing.comBook a Free Call http://bit.ly/DDMBookACallEC
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