23 minutes | Aug 23, 2021

EC 74 : SME Growth and Impact with Michael Haynes

[00:00:48] VIRGINIA: So what made you leave the corporate world? [00:02:52] VIRGINIA: So what are some common mistakes that you're seeing, some of your clientele making?[00:05:37] VIRGINIA: Focusing on the research that you've done with your who and where they hang out and stuff like that. What do you do to get in front of them? [00:07:23] VIRGINIA: So is that more like the chamber of commerce type of thing? [00:09:24] VIRGINIA: So where do you want to go in the next two years? Like, what are your big goals? [00:11:17] VIRGINIA: So with implementing the revision of your book and the masterminds and stuff like that, what would, how would that change your business?[00:12:55] VIRGINIA: Do you think there's a roadblock that's stopping you from getting there?[00:15:29] VIRGINIA: What's the best advice that you have ever received?[00:16:27] VIRGINIA: So what's the best advice that you've ever given?[00:17:45] VIRGINIA: So if someone was to come and work with you, so you'd help them identify and hone in if they haven't already like their avatar?00:19:30] VIRGINIA: Is there anything that I haven't asked yet, but you'd like to share?  Michael HaynesBusiness Consultants Sydney - Grow Your SME with Listen Innovate GrowLinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-haynes-lig/Facebook -Michael Haynes - Marketing Adviser for SMEsTwitter -2Excellyourbiz Virginia Purnellhttp://facebook.com/distinctdmhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/virginiapurnell/ Virginia PurnellFunnel & Visibility SpecialistDistinct Digital Marketing(833) 762-5336virginia@distinctdigitalmarketing.comwww.distinctdigitalmarketing.comBook a Free Call http://bit.ly/DDMBookACallEC
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