38 minutes | Nov 5th 2015

ETSW 3: English SUCCESS Story | Interview with Massimo from Italy

This is the 3rd episode of English the Smart Way podcast! Plus, this is the first interview on the show! :) Interview with my very good friend Massimo who is a successful English speaker. Let’s listen and learn from his experience with English learning. :) Btw, the interview is around 38 minutes, so if you have a tea or coffee, grab it, relax and enjoy English. ;) Also, feel free to download the interview to your MP3 player or mobile phone to listen to it while on the go. The first 6 minutes are dedicated to Massimo’s introduction. After that, the English interview questions begin. In the session you will learn - How Massimo finally overcame his issues with public speaking in English (6:14) - Massimo’s favorite tools and sources for English learning (17:44) - How our identity can affect our English learning (25:14) - Massimo’s number one tip(s) for English learners around the world (32:05) Read the show notes, transcript & join the discussion at: http://englishthesmartway.com/content/english-success-story-interview-massimo-italy
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