12 minutes | Jul 10th 2019

38 – Naho & Michael – Fine! Fine? And English Greetings

  In this episode, Naho and Michael chat about Basic English Greetings and how we use “fine” in more of a sarcastic way! Check it out Hey guys, this is Naho👧🏻 This time, we’re going to be talking about The basic English greeting: “ how are you?” “ I am fine thank you. and you?” “ I am fine thank you.” What is the modern way of greeting someone? Are there other ways to greet someone politely? What is the hidden modern meaning of “fine”!? Watch this video to check it out!!😆 Check it out! This episode is available on video and as a podcast By the way, speaking of podcasts, you can find the English At Home Is Fun Podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio! We hope you like this video…if you do, please take a minute and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!