18 minutes | Feb 24th 2019

35 – Irony vs. Sarcasm, Plus What Translates and What Doesn’t

    Hey guys, this is Naho. This time, we’re going to be doing an interesting topic. Instead of me talking about the Japanese culture, I am going to interview Michael about the American culture of sarcasm. I figured out that a lot of Japanese are puzzled by this, and so are all the foreign country English learners. And Micheal is here to clear out all the questions you have about it. What do you think is the answer? Watch the video to find out!! This episode is available on video and as a podcast By the way, speaking of podcasts, you can find the English At Home Is Fun podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio! We hope you like this video…if you do, please take a minute and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!