30 minutes | Mar 12, 2020

Episode 020 - Sophie Harker

Engineering Success interviews Sophie Harker a Senior Aerodynamicist for BAE Systems. Sophie is one of the youngest engineers to have achieved Chartered Engineer status at just 25 years old. She works at the forefront of aerospace technology, developing advanced designs and concepts for new generation fast jets and aircraft that operate in space as well as inside the atmosphere. Sophie has contributed directly to BAE Systems hypersonic capabilities including applying technologies from first hybrid air-breathing rocket engine system (SABRE) being developed by Reaction Ltd, which could revolutionise travel from the atmosphere into space. One day she hopes to go into space herself as an Astronaut. Sophie is an exceptionally talented engineer with her creative and innovative approach. Her work on hypersonic air vehicles includes building the necessary business cases and defining the product philosophy at each stage of development. She has also led a process transformation programme within the avionics department at BAE Systems, which involved engaging with 400 other engineers to streamline the avionics design process. In 2018 Sophie was awarded the Bee Beamont award which recognises newly qualified engineers who have made an outstanding contribution to the business in the early stages of their career. She also won the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award and again in 2018 Sophie was awarded the Sir Henry Royce Medal which recognised her research in developing future technologies for the aviation industry. In 2019 Sophie won the RAEng Young Engineer of the Year and the RAES Young Person's Achievement award. Sophie is an active STEM Ambassador and features in the Royal Academy of Engineers flagship 'This Is Engineering' campaign promoting careers in engineering.
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