29 minutes | Aug 27, 2019

Episode 010 - Fred Mills

Engineering Success interviews Fred Mills the Co-Founder and Managing Director at The B1M. Having worked with a leading UK contractor, Fred co-founded The B1M in 2012 to upskill the construction industry on building information modelling (BIM) The award-winning "BIM For Beginners" series went on to gain several million video views and is now embedded in over 500 organisations worldwide. Building on the success of the platforms BIM content, Fred focused on sharing 'the best of construction' to improve the industry and ensure that it appealed to the best talent. Fred grew The B1M into the worlds largest and most subscribed-to video channel for construction with over 7 million viewers each month. It now employs a nine-strong team from its London HQ. Fred's videos have amassed tens of millions of views making him a global figure in video publishing and a role model to millions of people interested or already working in construction. Fred's mission is to fundamentally alter the perception of construction on planet Earth.
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