41 minutes | Mar 21, 2021

Values Based Decision-Making with Julien Fortuit

When you know your values it’s a lot easier to make choices you are happy with. - Julien Fortuit Meet Julien Fortuit, Business & Career Developer When Julien was younger, he knew he wanted to work in luxury goods. So as a student in business school, he found his way into Chanel with a friendly conversation and a pack of Dunhill Light cigarettes. Over the years, Julien transitioned from operational marketing to finance control to high-end distribution to customer experience and business development. His resume is pumped with industrious concepts like “exports,” as well as the delicate work of forming partnerships, throwing events with artists, and building the invisible web of his international network. He's worked all over the UK, Europe, North & Latin America, Japan, and most of Asia. His work as a developer of organizations and careers involves taking stock of what is, so his clients can reach for what could be. All the while pointing to the opportunities right in front of them, so they have no choice but to leap. Connect with Julien Julien Fortuit Agency Find Julien on LinkedIn Follow Julien on Instagram To fill your cup with new stuff, you have to empty your cup [of the old] - Julien Fortuit On this episode Stacey & Julien talk about... What Julien wanted to be when he grew up and how that plays out today (1:25) The formality & creativity of working for a luxury brand (5:45) How having a son and turning 40 shifted his work beliefs (10:20) On starting a coaching business and the formalities he had to shed (15:00) What he kept and what he let go of when moving from Chanel to Coach (23:10) Importance of values in decision-making (26:40) The difference between promoting someone else’s brand vs promoting your own business or ideas (30:00) Biggest formalities Julien needed to shed to start his coaching business and finding a support network (36:14) If you want people to invest in you, you must make an investment in yourself. - Julien Fortuit
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