43 minutes | Mar 7, 2021

Owning Your Creativity in the Business & Banking World with Julie Beckham

The more I’ve tried to fit in and the less I’ve tried to be myself, the less successful I’ve been. - Julie Beckham Meet Julie Beckham Not everyone thinks personal finance is a topic to sing and dance about but today’s guest, Julie Beckham, has made a career out of it!  Julie is the Financial Education Officer at Rockland Trust Bank where she creates and implements engaging and entertaining financial education programming for the whole family; from students to seniors.  Her flagship program, Ms. Money & the Coins, is a musical about saving, sharing and spending money and has been performed more than 450 times to over 70,000 elementary school students since 2011.  Her latest project, the No Shame in this Money Game podcast, breaks down personal finance topics in an easy to listen to and learn format for adults. Don’t back down from who you are. Every unique person brings their value through their passion. - Julie Beckham On this episode, Stacey & Julie talk about... What Julie wanted to be when she grew up and how it plays out today (3:40) From acting to banking and how acting plays a big part in her work today (6:44) How acting helped Julie stand up straight and speak up for herself (11:45) How stifling your creativity doesn’t serve anyone & dealing with rejection when “you are the product” (22:16) On overcoming feeling like a fish out of water in corporate setting (27:10) Biggest formality Julie had to shed - concept of fitting in (37:10) Being OK saying, “I’m lucky and love my work (40:10) Get in touch with Julie No Shame in the Money Game Podcast LinkedIn  
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