34 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

E12 | Which comes first… the infrastructure or the EVs | Chargezone

Range anxiety is one of the primary causes of dissonance in the minds of potential buyers of Electric Vehicles and it always ends up with the same chicken and egg story. Which comes first? Electric Vehicles or long distances charging infrastructures.Fast chargers are expensive and yet without the network, only the early adoptive adventure seekers will lean towards driving an Electric Vehicle. Charge-point operators or put more simply companies that invest in the infrastructure to provide EV users with the ability to charge at multiple locations will play a very important role globally not just in India in facilitating the penetration of EV’s to the point that they are ubiquitous in our lives.The CPO space globally is made up of either the nimble or very fast-growing start-ups or the other end of the spectrum large investments made by power utility companies to ensure they can keep or sequester this sector directly for themselves.In India, we are yet to see how this will play out and the market is experiencing so very exciting investments right now in all forty small start-ups already operating in the country as CPO’s, but will reliance create a jio wave in the sector or will Adani come to dominate it soon that’s what we need to find out.Today we explore the CPO sector in India and speak to the CEO and managing director of one of India’s largest charges point operators TecSo Charge Zone.Connect with us:- Website: https://energizingindia.tv LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/13270395Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdorDigatronTwitter:  https://twitter.com/AdorDigatron 
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