32 minutes | Oct 12, 2020

E02 | Candid conversation with Stefan LOUIS, CEO of Nexcharge on the evolution of lithium industry in India

Stefan LOUIS,  CEO of Nexcharge speaks with Ravin MIRCHADANI on the evolution of the lithium industry in India.  Nexcharge is a joint venture between  Leclanché of Switzerland and Exide Industries of India and is focused on manufacturing the latest technology lithium batteries in India.  Stefan covers his experience establishing a factory in India, an analysis of government policy on fostering EV growth, and attracting lithium battery manufacturing to India. He covers a deep analysis on what India needs to do in order to catch up with China on lithium and EVs,  how the sector will evolve in India based on the application use case differences in India versus global benchmarks, and also the reality of building an industry in India based on a supply chain that is presently dominated by China.  Tune-In to the Energizing India podcast to hear the opinions of key opinion leaders on lithium-based energy storage.
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