24 minutes | Sep 9, 2020

E01 | Candid conversation with Maxon LEWIS, MD of Magenta Power on the road map to 100% E-Mobility in India

Maxson LEWIS is the  Managing Director of Magenta Power,  one of India’s largest charge point operators.  Magenta focuses on clean mobility & clean energy.  In this conversation, Maxson covers his journey establishing a start-up in India that is focused on clean mobility and offers deep insights into a possible road map for full electrification of the mobility sector in India. The conversation touches on the need for the entire EV ecosystem to move forward in a coordinated manner simultaneously, building trust with consumers and also the impact of the hydrogen economy on E-mobility in India. Tune in to the whole podcast to learn from one of India's largest charge point operators. Today we have a conversation with Maxson LEWIS, on the government policies for EVs in India, the future of hydrogen & the 2030 dream of complete electrification Connect with us:- Website: adordigatron.com/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/13270395/admin/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/AdorDigatron Twitter: twitter.com/AdorDigatron
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