28 minutes | Jan 5th 2018

How to Survive Your New Year Resolutions

Welcome to a new year of the Endurance QuickCast! This week Coach Rob is flying solo, Josh will be back on on the next edition of the Endurance QuickCast. This is the time of the year for better or for worse most of us like to make New Year Resolutions. So Coach Rob thought he would share his experience and some suggestions on how to survive your New Year Resolutions. On today’s show Rob covers: What it means to be a new years resolutioner’ The drive to overdo goal setting Setting SMARTER goals Goals need to be shared and communicated Communicated goals will lean to accountability among training partners and support group What is a support group Receiving or giving support Remove the finish line mentality Volunteering You must balance your sacrifices to mitigate personal guilt Guilt is an athletic career killer for most adult amateur athletes The “ALL IN” attitude is usually the end of a new years resolutioner’s progress How often my athlete’s strength train throughout the seasons Impossible goals + overreaching ability levels + not having a support team = A guaranteed formula for failure Building up your resilience and your grit Not having time to train just means there is lack of time management or strong enough desire. Traits of successful athletes series Creating SMARTER goals “Wait For It” – The component of faith needed to move forwarded as self-coached athletes Second guessing one’s efforts
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