68 minutes | Feb 16th 2018

Bench Talk – Joe and Rob cover all things wheels

Joe O’Callaghan owner of Irish Cycles and Carolina Precision Components Is back for this new edition of Bench Talk where do a deep dive on all things wheels for cyclists. So if you are thinking about buying a new set of wheels off the rack, custom built wheels or even building your very own set wheels this show is a great starting point! Here is an outline of what we covered! Wheel components Hubs Spokes Double Butted Bladed Straight gauge Spoke materials Steel (stainless and oxidized) Ti Alum Carbon Spoke Calc Sapim DT Differences Database Rim Alum Carbon Tubular / Tubeless / Clincher Tire bed Bead channel Spoke channel Tools (you get what you pay for) Stand Pro vs. Amateur Dishing tool Pro vs. Amateur Spoke wrench Muti-vs purpose-built Anti-wind tool Tensiometer Inch pounds / bars All spokes act differently. Developing Building Knowledge Lacing pattern Nipples Initial Build Truing / tensioning Finishing    
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