32 minutes | Dec 22nd 2017

2017 Endurance QuickCast Wrap Up

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you have had a successful season and are looking forward to a new season! I want to take a moment to thank all of the listeners of the show we couldn’t have grown like we have this season without you and your continued support. So today I want to celebrate you our listeners and progress of the show! Note: Before you get out pencil and paper for the show I want to let everyone know that that this show will have extensive show notes. To find the show notes simply go to PositivePerformanceCoaching.com/blog/ or search for the show title on our website. Offer: Listen to the whole show to get a great deal! Our listener base has grown by as much as 60%, with a high of 300 listeners per day in 2016 to a high of 600 per day in 2017. On a slow day last year we would have 30 listeners this year a slow day is over a hundred listeners. We average around 6000 listeners per month worldwide and we are growing this every month. I have a special call out to those that have left iTunes reviews of the show. Some of these reviewers have actually followed up and entered more than one review. KY Roadie, RaleighTourist, jkyme, karenT35242, siemenje, woaskie, Googenguyfish, ubach_a, Abe Linkon, GynOncDoc, Zeuslad, moose_janicik, erdogdoc. That is only 13 iTunes reviewers worldwide. However only 17% of our listeners come from iTunes. This is actually quite surprising to me but the podcast space has grown significantly in the last 10 years. The vast majority of our listeners are direct listeners that visit the website and listen directly or download the shows from our blog. The top 10 shows of 2017 in no particular order were 2016 EQC Wrap Up Intermittent Fasting 100th EQC Episode Show and its all about Centuries Summarizing the season to end the woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’s Our new –Co-host and a review of Eurobike and Interbike Beta Alanine the game-changing Amino Acid What Parents need to know about coaching juniors Setting SMARTER Athletic Goals Interview with the best selling author Peter Shankman – Faster Than Normal Be a better Pack Rider with these tips. The top 10 shows since EQC started Make you’re run more comfortable Intermittent Fasting The Feed – Beta Alanine the game-changing Amino Acid All About Performance Sports Glasses The Feed – Make BIG Gains by Supplementing With Creatine Bench Talk – Guest interview and its all about power and power meters The Feed – On Season Amino Acids YOU NEED! Make your ride more comfortable The Worst Advice I Have Ever Heard About Power Meters The FTP Show My favorite shows Introducing the EQC Building a project bike Great off the bike workouts for climbing ACV the miracle cure… Be a better pack rider with these tips Regaining motivation Positive Self-Talk Making your Run and your ride more comfortable Year-End Q&A show with Coach Kelli Hard Earned Duathlon Guidance, Tips, and Tricks Big thanks to all of our sponsors and partners in 2017 Apex Nutrition Gu Energy Labs Irish Cycles and Carolina Precision components Power Meter City Funk Away Returning sponsors and a new sponsor Irish Cycles and Carolina Precision components Power Meter City Spring Energy What goes into producing the show? The organization and scheduling of co-hosts and guests: 15-30 minutes per show The recording: 20-60+ minutes per show The editing: 1-2 hours per show The promoting: 15-30 minutes per week The begging: ENDLESS Total time per show: 2-6 hours per week What do we have planned for the New Year? New topics New co-hosts New Guests MORE LISTENERS We need more listeners in 2018! Stop by iTunes and leave a review or just 5 stars – If you leave a great review I will give you a FREE Training Plan or knock 20% off of any of our coaching services until the end of February 2018. Thank you, our listeners, for helping us get this far. We want to go further, much further, with the show. We want to be your Number 1 go to show for all things related to endurance sports.          
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