41 minutes | Apr 3rd 2018

117: Rob Wilson - Master Your Breathing for Performance

Rob Wilson is a passionate teacher to the core and a firm believer in the philosophy “it’s better to teach a person to fish.”. Rob comes from a background in martial arts and manual therapy, he is a member of Dr. Kelly Starret's MobilityWOD, the owner of Crossfit Virginia Beach and works as a coach at Power Speed Endurance, where he leads the Art of Breath clinics, a program developed to give participants an experience based understanding of how breathing can affect both short term performance and long term health. You can follow Rob on Instagram.

In this interview we talk about:

– Rob's own sporting background – Life lessons learned thanks to his background in martial arts – Moving from martial arts into the Crossfit world – Proper breathing for performance = free speed – Bruce Lee and the importance of good teachers

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