13 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

Special Episode: Vigil for Exploring Our Grief

On the ninth of each month we have been called to hold space in our communities on life, death and transformation by ObservetheNinth.org. Today’s vigil will hold space for the we have been carrying for the past year and help us explore it for the hidden blessings it contains. May it bring you peace and comfort. Vigil for Exploring Our Grief VIGIL-Script-February-2021Download Miracles Abide There by Bruce Sterling  (from Not Enough: Musings on Grief)   We each have loss none escape it.  Grief, the healing process that reintegrates feelings and thoughts, desires and regrets, the past and no future.  Through life, through living we choose the palate but never the timing,  the circumstances or the outcome.  So there it is, shock then sadness, later reality, an unreal reality the likes of which you've never experienced.  Like taffy you're pulled into shapes that leave you in a state from which you can never return.    Like flying in the clouds you can't tell which end is up even when firmly planted in your seat.  Like walking the streets on Christmas morning when gifts are exchanged and no one’s outside.  Like you've walked into the emotional post-apocalypse.  Like love has filled your heart but the drain plug is three times the size it should be, and the vacuum left collapses everything  that made sense, everything that gave you substance, everything.  Grief, the humanizing, humbling shape-shifter that tears the fabric of you and explodes your heart into newer dimensions you didn't realize you signed up for.  I don't wish the pain on anybody I just know the value of the outcome. Miracles abide there, if you can just see. 
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