37 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

Should You Coach Your Partner?

Have you ever wondered HOW to get your partner, friends, or family members to try the things that have worked for you?

Whether it's working with tarot cards, learning about being an empath, or other ways we've found healing, it's natural to want to share what's worked for us with our loved ones. We want them to feel good, right? Of course! And yet, we're often dismissed or rejected when we bring these things to their attention - because the way we do it usually creates imbalanced power dynamics in the relationship.

In this episode, Lola walks through how to "coach" your partner to try the things that have worked for you, without coaching them at all. We also spend a few moments of silence to honor the six Asian women who were killed in Atlanta, GA on March 16th.

Read all the show notes, quotes, and more at:  https://empathtopower.com/103-should-you-coach-your-partner/ ‎

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