47 minutes | Mar 8, 2018

Reason and Emotions: How to Establish a Healthy Communication with Jenny Florence

Jenny Florence was born in London in 1961. is a writer, speaker, a Huffington Post Blogger and Contributor and UK Accr counsellor of 26 years. She founded the A-Z of Emotional Health on-line Library, a Free Public Resource dedicated to promoting Emotional Wellness and authored the #1 International Bestselling Series, The Intelligence of our Emotions: 7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy and Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness. Jenny has a unique ability to talk about the complexities of our mind and emotions in a language that is accessible to professionals and lay people alike. She draws on both personal and professional experience to illustrate and give meaning to complex psychological principles, beautifully combining the conceptual knowledge of emotional intelligence with practical and pragmatic application. The offers readers a real and significant opportunity for transformation and personal growth. “Our emotions play an absolutely integral role in our ability to heal, to grow and to thrive. Developing a fluent relationship between our mind and our emotions, creates a foundation of potentiality that enables us to develop an entirely different way of living. It has been my privilege to walk alongside literally hundreds of people as they have journeyed from the chaos of living from an emotionally reactive position, to a place of integrated living where their emotions fuel and feed their capacity to navigate their lives from a position of conscious, reflective choice.” - Jenny Florence.
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