56 minutes | Aug 20th 2014

Special Encore Presentation: Mid-year outlook, Brazil’s Wins or Losses after the World Cup, Iraq, Africa and Our New Publication!!!

Again this week Gavin pulls in reports and analyses on emerging and frontier markets issues and developments, starting with several comparisons of EM and FM from Paul DeSisto at M&R Capital in New York. From Rich Gula at Argyle Trading he gets an analysis of whether Brazil scored economic or equity wins at the World Cup, in spite of its loss on the soccer field. He then discusses equities exposed to the situation in Kurdistan with Adam Choppin at FIS Group in Philadelphia, followed by demographics researcher Peter Merrick and his analysis of China’s demographics He concludes with a report from Africa Correspondent Samuel Okocha on the line from Lagos Nigeria. During the program Gavin also outlines the current edition of The EFMI Newsletter. This program is produced by Al Emid - Editorial inquiries write to: financialnews@alemid.com Press inquiries: Ahmed Hafez - Press & Media Coordinator 647-295-9774 - hafeznbk@yahoo.com Advertising inquiries: Gavin Graham: gavin.graham@rogers.com
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