56 minutes | May 14th 2014

Russia-Ukraine, EM Alternatives, Dubai, African bonds, Nigeria and Our New Publication!!!

Again this week Gavin pulls in reports from our global roster of contributors. Paul DeSisto of M&R Capital in New York explains EM alternatives for those worried about the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Russian analyst James Beadle provides an update on the same crisis. Journalist-Editor Mark Townsend in Dubai looks at the relationship between China’s slowdown and the Middle East. Malick Badjie from Silk Invest Funds looks at its new Emerging Africa Bond Fund and at African bonds generally and Africa correspondent Samuel Okocha reports on the crisis in Nigeria and whether there is any impact on equities. Gavin also previews the current edition of The EFMI Newsletter, another part of our commitment to being a leading source of EM and FM information. This program is produced by Al Emid - Editorial inquiries write to: financialnews@alemid.com Press inquiries: Ahmed Hafez - Press & Media Coordinator 647-295-9774 - hafeznbk@yahoo.com Advertising inquiries: Gavin Graham: gavin.graham@rogers.com
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