57 minutes | Jun 25th 2014

Effect of American Policy on EM & FM, Iraq, India, Thailand, Advisors and Clients, and Our New Publication!!!

Again this week Gavin pulls in reports and analyses on emerging and frontier markets issues from our global roster of contributors to provide listeners with investment information. He starts with Paul DeSisto of M&R Capital in New York to continue his analysis of the effects of U.S. policy on emerging and frontier markets and Peter Kohli at DMS Funds for a look at equities poised to do well after the India election. He connects with Adam Choppin at FIS Group in Philadelphia for an update on Iraq and with Michael Yeo in Singapore for an update on Thailand. He wraps up with advisor-coach Jim Ruta to look at advisors and clients making EM & FM decisions. During the program Gavin also previews the current edition of The EFMI Newsletter. This program is produced by Al Emid - Editorial inquiries write to: financialnews@alemid.com Press inquiries: Ahmed Hafez - Press & Media Coordinator 647-295-9774 - hafeznbk@yahoo.com Advertising inquiries: Gavin Graham: gavin.graham@rogers.com
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