60 minutes | Dec 31, 2019

EC Sessions - Cannabis and Sex - Igniting Your Spark Between the Sheets

Panel Title: "Cannabis and Sex - Igniting Your Spark Between the Sheets"Moderator: Ashley Manta, CannasexualSpeakers: Antuanette Gomez, Founder & CEO of Pleasure PeaksBuck Angel, Activist, Speaker & InfluencerChelsea Cebara, Co-founder and Product Developer, Velvet SwingMaggie May Wilson, Reiki Master and Spiritual CoachLocation: The Emerald Cup 2019 in Santa Rosa, CA.DESCRIPTION: The future of cannabis includes large-scale agriculture. For cannabis agriculture to thrive, we need safety standards and innovations that promote meticulous cultivation, environmental protection, and quality control. What does large-scale cannabis agriculture look like? What lessons can we learn from the wine industry when considering how to scale cannabis crops? Join our panel of experts as we explore the future of cannabis agriculture.WHAT IS THE EMERALD CUP?The Emerald Cup is Northern California’s premier cannabis destination, while advancing the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming. Its reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, cannabis competition in the world. As a group, The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together experts and educators in the cannabis field to our fellow farmers, patients, and patrons each year. It is a community celebration that has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest, organic, sun-grown, cannabis harvest.CONNECT WITH THE EMERALD CUP:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theemeraldcup/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theemeraldcupTwitter: https://twitter.com/theemeraldcupSign up for our newsletter and get updates on The Emerald Cup: https://theemeraldcup.com/Produced by Native Creative Podcasts
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