26 minutes | Apr 13, 2020

101 - What is the Mess?

In episode one, we introduce our teaching artists and explore "the mess". Gavin and Paras introduce re:imagine/COMMUNITY, a 10-week program in which they are tasked with going into Atlanta Public Schools to create film and digital media content with teenagers who have not otherwise had access or exposure to the industry.  This program guides students through the process of coming up with and producing a story they want to tell, something personal, something in their voice, something that speaks to their peers. Not just to tell their stories, but plug students into the industry so they can start getting paid. Gavin and Paras experience their own challenges while learning what roadblocks the students face.Follow Embrace the Mess, @etmpod, or etmpod.com. You can e-mail us questions and comments at etm@reimagineatl.com.re:imagine/ATL is a 510(c)3 nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible. Support this work at reimagineatl.com.Sources for Facts Segment:A Painful Case: Do Parents Need Lawyers for School Disciplinary Hearings?Dis-proportionality in student discipline: Connecting policy to researchRacial Disparities in Youth Commitments and ArrestsSound Design & Score:Brent Busby
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