34 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Line by Line: Celebrate Poetry Month, and a New Wave of Poets with Sara Letourneau

Think poetry is relegated to dusty old library book shelves?  Well, poetry is alive and thriving, thanks to emerging poets like Amanda Gorman. Today, another young poet shares her passion for verse, and why it's not only relevant,  but essential. 

Sara Letourneau is a poet as well as the managing editor and writing coach at Heart of the Story Editorial & Coaching Services. In her editing work, she specializes in speculative fiction, literary fiction, YA fiction, memoir, and prescriptive nonfiction. Her poetry has been featured in or will soon appear in Aromatica Poetica, Constellations, Mass Poetry's Poem of the Moment, Soul-Lit, Amethyst Review, Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene, Golden Walkman Magazine, and The Aurorean, among others. She is also a former music journalist and tea reviewer, and her articles about writing have appeared in blogs such as DIY MFA, Writers Helping Writers, and Grub Street. She lives in Massachusetts and is known for always having a book, a journal, a pen, and a cup of tea handy.



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