10 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

Embark On Your Third Act - A Conversation with Diana Place & Rebecca Moore

Let's give some credit to the boomers. And GenXer's. They do things on their own terms. Rather than embrace their parents’ model of seniority  which was defined by retirement and a move to Florida, If you're 50-plus, you may go back to school, start a new relationship, explore your creativity, 'embark' on a new career -- or spiritual path -- or take up a cause.  You might see it as a way to enjoy a third act, which may include many more scenes, subplots and twists. Each third Thursday of the month, we welcome you to Embark on Your Third Act.Rebecca Moore of InANutshell Productions, and Diana Place of Third Act Quest, join me for far-reaching conversations about what's next for our life's third act. We'll invite a wide range of guests to address subjects from financial literary to sexual health to career advice. Today we talk about regrets, the plasticity of our brains and our potential to change and achieve great things.Join the conversation, and bring your questions: liz@embark the podcast.com. And please subscribe.
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