34 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

Creative Messaging, Advertising and Audio Optometry with Michael Coleman

What makes an advertising message successful? What do the best commercials have in common? What exactly is Audio Optometry. We discuss all with Creative Director and Broadcast Producer, Michael Coleman.Recognized among media and entertainment industry leaders for innovative ideas that sell, ColeCuts Creative rose to prominence through their innovative work for major market radio and TV stations across the US and Canada. With over three decades of memorable commercials and promotional messages ColeCuts Creative is known for developing intelligent, humorous, and cutting-edge material. Their cerebral and irreverent wit earned them numerous awards, including the Edward R. Murrow, Marconi, Radio Mercury, RTNDA, Associated Press, and Silver Microphone. As a twenty-seven-year stand-up comedian, their two CDs Do Not Read This and Laughing to Beat the Band have received critical acclaim on radio stations throughout the US. They have also taught creative writing and sound production at Northeastern University and Boston College. More at colecutsound.com. 
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