53 minutes | Apr 22, 2018

"Uncovered," featuring Sara Quin

Meet Sara Quin, a self-described queer woman and activist who also happens to be a musician. . In this free-flowing episode, Sara and I talk about what it’s like to seek healthcare as someone in the public eye. We both utter the phrase “superfamous vagina,” which in context, will make total and complete sense when you listen to the episode. We talk about how it feels to not have the comforting cloak of anonymity during intensely private moments like sitting at the bedside of a dying loved one or flying on an airplane while grieving a loss. Along the way, Sara and I chat about body image, breasts, Instagram, cats, family, vulnerability, and Sara’s work with The Tegan and Sara Foundation and Queer Health Access. You can follow Sara on Twitter at @teganandsara
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