39 minutes | May 2, 2017

"My Disability is Part of My Journey," featuring Lindsey Nebeker

Meet Lindsey Nebeker, a pianist/composer, disability rights advocate, and person on the autism spectrum. In this episode, Lindsey talks about what it’s like to seek and receive health care as a person on the spectrum. She describes when and why she discloses her autism diagnosis to health care professionals, as well as what healthcare professionals can do to make the clinical environment more welcoming for people on the autism spectrum. Lindsey and I also discuss her experiences as a queer-identified cisgender woman married to a cisgender man, how painful it can be to be labeled incorrectly as heterosexual, and how her father coming out as gay when she was 18 years old brought the two of them even closer together. You can follow Lindsey on Twitter at @LindseyNebeker
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