11 minutes | Feb 5, 2016

ES #004 Creators and Destructors in your organization

In this podcast Creators and Destructors I, Ellen Soentken, will talk about how your organization is build as an organisms. The people in your organization can be indexed in two major tribes. The creator tribe, that focusses on results, creation and open symbols. And the destructor tribe, that focuses on the relation, the process and hidden symbols. If our organization functions like a car. The creator tribe likes to push the gas pedal. And the destructor prefers to push the break pedal. How balanced is your organization? Too many destructors? Missing openness, results and creativeness? Than you are likely to suffer from a lack of creators. listen to Ellen Soentken Podcast for more insights and inspiration. http://the7vices.com and http://ellensoentken.com  
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