19 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

John Croft - Take Action for Diversity, Equitability and Inclusion

In this Expert Series episode, Elevate's President, John Croft, talks with Elevate's Global Head of Equitability and Inclusion, Jacquie Champagne, and Elevate's Vice President of Technology and Digital Consulting, Brian Kuhn.John, Jacquie, and Brian discuss a digitally enabled diversity, equitability, and inclusion strategy.   Placing a focus on data, trends, insights, and actions.Identification adds complexity to the task on hand. Jacquie Champagne says there is a 'reliance on asking people to self-disclose' and 'legal is notorious for holding back when asking direct questions about identities'. Episode highlights include:[03:07] - Law departments want their law firms to walk the walk[04:58] - Diversity, equitability, and inclusion indicators … [08:46] - Data driven trend information… [10:10] - Create a checklist, review indicators and analysis - measure inclusion [11:49] - Facilitate solutions and get to the root of the issue[13:16] - DE&I metrics, KPIs, dashboards - establish a baseline          [15:30] - Data that indicates a trend, a foundation for action [17:03] - Understand your big picture goals – figure out and execute a strategyEnjoy!
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