26 minutes | Jan 12, 2021

Jason Boehmig - Digitally Native Contracting

This Next Normal Leadership series podcast features Elevate'sElevate's Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown, talking with Jason Boehmig, CEO of Ironclad, a digital contracting platform for legal teams.  During this episode, we learn why the Ironclad solution is not just another CLM and how Jason and his team are leading the transition from start-up to a thriving law company.Episode highlights include: 1.  [01:44] – Ironclad traces back to Jason's early career on Wall Street2.  [02:38] – Legal professionals making better decisions through software and code3.  [05:14] – The adaptation of contracts to the digital world4.  [08:35] – Hype cycle hiring5.  [11:25] – A contract management system people enjoy using6.  [16:10] – Curiosity and a growth mindset7.  [19:25] – Fewer fires, but they burn hotter8.  [22:05] – The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh9.  [23:13] – Honeybee Democracy – how bees make decisions10. [24:36] - Leadership in tough times requires …  
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