24 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

Eric Laughlin - Democratising Contracts

This Next Normal series podcast features Elevate's Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown, talking with Eric Laughlin, the CEO of Agiloft, a contract lifecycle management software company. Liam and Eric cover change management, keeping up with technology, and adopting both within legal.[00:55] “I've been in legal and legal tech for most of my career. I feel fortunate to have ended up as the CEO of Agiloft."[02:27]  Agiloft is a no-code platform solely focused on CLM with 700 customers.[06:45]  Giving tools to the frontline, democratizing flow and decision-making.[07:32]  Contracting processes and contracts as a shield - a defensive weapon, its armor.[10:54]  Connecting contracts to commercial processes. [12:06] Risk profiling, AI tells us what's in a contract and how that compares to standards.[13:34]  Being CEO for the first time.[16:00]  Value creation for the business, cash, and how fast ARR is growing[17:50]  Our customers' want us to be better at partnerships[20:29]  I read Designing Your Life which is about taking a prototype approach to life.[22:32] "Leadership in tough times requires …”
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