49 minutes | Feb 10th 2021

The Rise of Home Care Amid the Pandemic & Leading with Love

Susan Ryan sits down with Danny O’Brien, founding CEO of Avila Home Care, a growing home care agency serving the Baltimore, Md., area. Prior to founding Avila, O’Brien served as senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, Md., with a congregation of over 2,500 families. At a time when the senior living field is re-evaluating the challenges of congregate care during a pandemic, home care is often the option that emerges as the solution. O’Brien offers incredible insight into the factors that make home care work. His background as a pastor and as a frequent public speaker on topics that span senior living, leadership, and matters relating to faith is reflected in his conversation with Ryan.  This motivating and inspiring conversation is laced with snippets of O’Brien’s path to ministry and ultimately how, in 2016, he made the decision to start a home care agency. Lastly, he describes how word-of-mouth referrals helped to expand his caregiver workforce to more than 400 caregivers—all done without running a single ad! To this end, O’Brien explores the power of relationships in growing his business, and the role of leadership to shape a culture that prioritizes people, including the compensation philosophy and strategies he utilized during COVID-19 to keep caregivers safe.   Find out more about Avila Home Care here: https://avilahomecare.com/ 
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