23 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

Recap: Elderhood, Ageism, and COVID

In this recap, Marla and Mary discuss the 27th episode of Elevate Eldercare with Louise Aronson, MD, a geriatrician, educator, and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, where she directs UCSF Health Humanities. 

Dr. Aronson is also an author, and has just recently released her book, Elderhood, which offers a broad perspective on the issues impacting aging and eldercare. Mary and Marla discuss the original title for the book, Old Hood, and why Dr. Aronson wants to reform the word “old.” They also take a closer look at social isolation and failure to thrive. Have you ever heard of Marjory Winsome Warren? She played an interesting role in the history of geriatrics.

Learn about failure to thrive here: https://jamanetwork.com/searchresults?author=HARRY+BAKWIN&q=HARRY+BAKWIN 

Find out more about Marjory Winsome Warren: https://www.bgs.org.uk/marjory-warren 

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