16 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

Recap: COVID and Small Homes – A Good Story to Tell

In this recap, Mary and Marla examine the 15th episode of Elevate Eldercare with Jill Wilson and John Ponthie, two senior living providers that operate more small-house/Green House homes under their organizational umbrellas than any other Green House provider.

Mary and Marla discuss how each explained the impact of COVID-19 on their organizations and the interesting variety of words they used to describe it. Learn how Jill ‘operationalized COVID’ and their predictive testing tree. Hear how both providers opened new homes during COVID, and how communication and complete transparency was a vital strategy for their residents and team members.

So why aren’t more providers building small house/Green House homes? Mary and Marla discuss how they respond to the question and their own insight on that topic.

More on Jill Wilson and the testing process at Otterbein Senior Life, watch the webinar entitled Preparing for a Potential Second Wave: https://www.thegreenhouseproject.org/events/covid-19-best- practices-ltc-initiative

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