25 minutes | Dec 11th 2020

Recap: COVID-19, Dementia, and the Importance of Social Connections

In this week’s episode, Al Power sits down again with Susan Ryan. Al is an internationally recognized dementia expert whose books, Dementia Beyond Drugs and Dementia Beyond Disease, are must reads for anyone supporting people living with dementia. His astute insights and expertise provide a voice of clarity that provokes us to think differently and apply approaches that value the unique needs of each person.

In this recap Marla and Mary take a closer look at Al’s work at St. John’s in Rochester and why he says it “became my lab for doing culture change”. He is most proud of the work that continues at St. John’s and why he was so pleased that he could move his mom into the Penfield Green House homes.

You might be surprised to learn that instead of becoming a geriatrician Al almost dedicated his career to music.  Marla explores his latest music venture with singer/co-writer Anne Hills. The new album is called “Accidental August”, and you’ll enjoy hearing a bit of the music and what the lyrics include.

We also explore Al’s passionate comments about society and COVID-19 and how “we have totally medicalized and pathologized the lives of people with dementia”.   


For more information on Al’s recent music with Anne Hills: www.annehills.com 

Read more about St. John’s and the Penfield Green House homes: https://pressfrom.info/us/lifestyle/health-fitness/-567274-keeping-the-pandemic-at-bay-in-small-group-nursing-homes.html 

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