23 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Psychological First Aid and Its Relevance to the Pandemic

In Episode 55, Susan Ryan had a conversation with George Everly, PhD, professor at the Center Humanitarian Health in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He is also Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Since 2016 he has been ranked the leading author in the world in the field of crisis intervention, having authored 20 books and 100 published papers.

This week’s recap with Marla and Mary takes a closer look into the crisis intervention programs discussed by Dr. Everly. We are all familiar with traditional first aid training so why not Psychological First Aid training? We explore RISE and why it was developed at Johns Hopkins—a unique peer to peer support program focusing on resilience. 

Dr. Everly referred to the impact of social isolation and the principle of unintended consequences. We discuss that impact on elders and Marla shares a list of unique ideas for all of us to consider in our work to combat loneliness and build resilience during this pandemic.


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