43 minutes | Jul 9, 2021

“Let Me Say This About That” - Marking 100 Episodes of Elevating Eldercare

“Elevate Eldercare” hits a major milestone this week with 100 episodes. One of the underlying themes throughout those programs is the prevalence of ageism that permeates society. OR as Ashton Applewhite explains, “Ageism is a prejudice against our future selves.” In this edition of “Let Me Say This About That”, Marla and Mary explore ageism through the lens of Beliefs, Behaviors and Systems while quoting our guests from the past 100 shows.  Beliefs: What do we think about ageism, our mindset?  Behaviors: What actions do we take – what behaviors are a result of our beliefs?  Systems: What organizational structure are in place that drive those behaviors? Given the provocative nature of many of our guests on Elevate Eldercare, this episode will surely enlighten you about the topic of ageism and hopefully encourage you to take action in yourself and your community!   Learn more about The Green House Project: www.thegreenhouseproject.org Register for GHP’s newest in-person and virtual event, DementiaVerse: thegreenhouseproject.org/events/dementiaverse
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