19 minutes | Aug 7th 2020

Friday Recap: Dr. James Wright and the Eldercare Narrative

Mary and Marla deconstruct Dr. Wright’s story of the devastating impact COVID-19 had at the Virginia nursing home where he serves as medical director. In examining his commitment to improving the lives of elders living with dementia, Mary and Marla discuss his commitment to changing the narrative about nursing homes by being transparent and steadfast in his messaging.

They also explore Dr. Wright’s exclamation that dementia-ism and ageism are the last acceptable prejudices.

This week’s call to action: Find out more about The Green House Project’s Best Life dementia care approach, which aligns with Dr. Wright’s plans to build an inclusive, open community for people living with dementia.

Discover more about The Green House Project at www.thegreenhouseproject.org.

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