67 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

Flaws and Possible Solutions to Fixing the Eldercare Crisis: A Conversation with Howard Gleckman

In this episode, Susan Ryan talks with Howard Gleckman, a senior fellow at The Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., where he is affiliated with both the Tax Policy Center and the Program on Retirement Policy. Gleckman is the author of Caring for our Parents, a book that tells the stories of the families who struggle every day with the care needs of their loved ones.

Susan and Howard discuss the COVID-19 crisis and his assessment of the profound challenges and systemic flaws that have been exposed. In addition, Howard discusses the workforce issues, funding, lack of affordable and accessible options that address critical health disparities, and much more.

Howard’s astute insights, experiences, and expertise are thought provoking and those that hopefully will spur you to take action.

Get Howard Gleckman’s book here: https://howardgleckman.com/books/caring-for-our-parents/

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