56 minutes | May 5, 2021

A Nursing Home Medical Director’s Perspective on the COVID Crisis

Susan Ryan sits down with Michael Wasserman, MD, a geriatrician who has devoted his career to serving the needs of older adults. He is the editor in chief of an upcoming textbook, Geriatric Medicine: A Person-Centered Evidence-Based Approach, and he was previously CEO of Rockport Healthcare Services. In this role, he oversaw the largest nursing home chain in California. Dr. Wasserman is a sought-after expert and has been a frequent presence on television media, especially throughout the COVID crisis. In addition to sharing his insights about the COVID crisis, Dr. Wasserman describes the importance of crisis management and how emergency preparedness can inform where we go in the future. He also talks about the need for transparency and accountability among providers and conveys his ideas for getting the right people together to tackle the challenges and find solutions while nursing homes are in the spotlight. Finally, he shares his thoughts on elevating eldercare and the powerful role the medical director plays in ensuring quality experiences for residents.   Follow Dr. Wasserman on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/wassdoc?s=20 
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