31 minutes | Dec 27, 2021

193: Mike Zeller and "The Genius Within"

In today’s episode of The Elegant Warrior podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking to Mike Zeller, a business architect, Author & Mentor. Mike helps professionals find their zone of genius and rewire their subconscious. He is the author of “The Genius Within” and has mentored more than three hundred high-level entrepreneurs. “The Genius Within” helps uncover your genius and achieve your purpose in life. The book contains action plans, impact models, and exercises. I love his book, and next week I will be journaling on a question from this book as I prepare for 2022. “What would it look like for me to fully step into my greatness, and what would I need to release and claim my greatness?” Besides, Mike recommends the reader to think and grow rich but not act and grow rich! Listen in to find out the four pillars that give us clues about our genius, what hinders the genius within, risk tolerance, and reversing the belief.  We will also discuss how can you claim your power, and what’s the power positioning statement. To learn more about Mike Zeller, click on the links below: Website:  MikeZeller.com LinkedIn: The Mike Zeller Instagram: The Mike Zeller  Book: The Genius Within NLP Meditation: Claim your power The 6 steps to finding your Genius Free Guide: Text: GeniusU to 474747 Book Mentioned: The Power of Full Engagement  Personality tests: Kolbe.com Strengthsfinder DISC Wealth dynamic tests To learn more about my services and to stay connected, visit me at: Website: Advocate to Win Instagram: @imheatherhansen Sign up for your 15 Minute consultation below:https://calendly.com/advocatetowin/15min Also, don’t forget to Subscribe to the Advocate with Elegance FREE private podcast here: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/613921e87accb4c0210201c5
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