27 minutes | Sep 6, 2017

"Innovations for Behavioral Change" Alex Laskey - Insights from the ELEEP Tipping Points Conference

Episodes 5-8 of the ELEEP network podcast present insights from a conference organized by the Atlantic Council and Ecologic Institute, which took place June 21-22 in Washington DC. Under the heading “Tipping Points: Finding the Energy-Climate Balance,” the conference brought together decision-makers, civil society, business leaders and scholars to reflect on the nexus of energy and climate policy in the United States, Europe and the international arena. The conference agenda covered a range of different topics and included talks by some of the brightest minds in the field. This episode features a keynote by Alex Laskey, president and founder of Opower, an innovative energy company that partners with utilities to provide customers with personalized consumption feedback. Alex Laskey speaks about the nexus of energy and information technologies. He begins by investigating the history of innovation over the last three centuries before providing examples of ongoing IT revolutions in the sectors of transport and energy—such as car and ride sharing and real time feedback to induce demand-side management by private consumers. To find out more about the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy (ELEEP) Network and view pictures and further impressions from the EU study tour on climate adaptation, please visit the ELEEP Website (www.eleep.eu). If you enjoyed this podcast episode, please subscribe to the ELEEP Network podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud. To let us know your thoughts on the podcast feel free to send us an email (contact@eleep.eu). We'd love to hear from you! Special thanks to: Robert Ostwald (Ecologic Institute) Produced by: Nick Evans (Ecologic Institute) Music: "American Drab" by Nick Evans
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