47 minutes | Sep 24th 2018

#MeToo, One Year Later: Brett Kavanaugh, Louis C.K. & Male Redemption

This week's episode explores the #MeToo Movement and how the redemptive pathway for men has overshadowed the needs of victims. Three guests discuss the comeback attempts by several high profile men and the process of male redemption by looking at the cases of Brett Kavanaugh, Louis C.K., Jian Ghomeshi and others. >> Chapter I: Shannon Koyano, a stand-up comedian, talks about what the stand-up culture for women, how it helps perpetuate behavior exhibited by Louis C.K., and her audition with the comedian years ago >> Chapter II: Kate Manne discusses, himpathy, the practice of employing excessive sympathy to male wrongdoers over female victims; and how himpathy is being deployed in the case of Brett Kavanaugh >> Chapter III: Sarah Myhre discusses a local case where influential men us their power to shape a narrative around rape allegations [SPONSOR: Help take back the House in November at SwingLeft.org/Electorette] | Please help flip the 23 seats needed to take back the House by visiting www.SwingLeft.org/Electorette *Caution: Mildly explicit language is used in this episode

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