33 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment with sociologist Erin Hatton

Professor Erin Hatton, discusses her book Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment, which explores the world of coerced labor; from prisoner laborers, graduate students, welfare workers, and college athletes, these workforce roles are often under-compensated, or aren't compensated at all, and sometimes face punitive consequences if they leave these labor arrangements. Listen to All Electorette Episodeshttps://www.electorette.com/podcastSupport the ElectoretteRate & Review on iTunes: https://apple.co/2GsfQj4Support Electorette on Patreon for $2/month: http://bit.ly/Electorette-PatreonAlso, if you enjoy the Electorette, please subscribe and leave a 5-star review on iTunes. Also, please spread the word by telling your friends, family and colleagues about The Electorette!Want to support the Electorette so that we can bring you more great episodes? You can help us produce more episodes with just $2/per month on Patreon. Every bit helps! Patreon.com/ElectoretteWANT MORE ELECTORETTE? Follow the Electorette on social media. Electorette Facebook Electorette Instagram Electorette Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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