46 minutes | Dec 11th 2017

Mike Purzycki - From NFL Player to Wilmington, DE Mayor

Mike Purzycki survived a crowded Democratic primary and ousted the incumbent in September 2016. Hear his thoughts on Wilmington 11 months after his inauguration, a personal story about Wellington Mara, what he would do to help education in Delaware, and more. 2:00 - Can you talk about your upbringing in Newark, NJ? 6:30 - Mike reflects on his time with the NY Giants. 9:30 - What was your NFL salary? 10:30 - What prompted your first foray into politics? 12:00 - What made you think about running for Mayor? 15:00 - What kind of resistance did you get about running for Mayor? 16:15 - Why did people think you had no chance? 18:30 - What was the darkest time of the campaign? 19:50 - Can you talk about Eugene working in the cabinet? 21:00 - How has it been going as Mayor for 11 months? 23:30 - Can you talk about walking on the racial sensitivity tight-rope? 28:50 - Do you think the problems of Wilmington are too big for any one Mayor to fix? 33:00 - How would you fix Delaware’s educational system? 35:30 - How can we get City Council to function again? 38:30 - What has been hard to get done? 41:50 - What can we do as a country to come together again? 44:30 - What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
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